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Michelle is excited to be working with Embody to provide Massage Therapy services and has already developed a well rounded background and education in some of her favorite passions in the field. Michelle received her Massage Therapy education from Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, CO. She earned her Associates of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy and specializes in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Massage, Sports Massage and Reflexology and  is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Colorado. Michelle has spent the first few years of her massage career in the spa setting before deciding to step out and expand her environment, creating further growth opportunity for herself. She is excited to provide services that incorporate her neuromuscular and reflexology training and show clients how these modalities can assist with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and general health and wellness issues. She is also adept with her deep tissue massage skills, sports massage and of course spa therapies.

Michelle has always been fascinated by massage therapy and knew since the 6th grade that she wanted to be a massage therapist. Growing up she accompanied her mom to her regular massage therapy sessions and was always fascinated by what a profound effect massage therapy could have on assisting with a persons self healing. A career in Massage Therapy allows her to do just that, help people feel better.

She is a Colorado native who shares a well-loved life with her mother, father, her sister and two cats. Michelle dearly loves her family and would not trade them for the world. She prefers to enjoy life's simple pleasures and when not working you can generally find her relaxing at home, catching up on her favorite TV show, reading a book, maybe even tie-dying a shirt or two.

Michelle's massage philosophy is, " Focus on what the client needs".



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Sally Gordier is a certified massage therapist practicing and licensed in the state of Colorado since 2003. She specializes in the treatment of soft tissue related pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD and other special conditions requiring a more experienced approach. Her style of work integrates her skills and knowledge in the areas of relaxation, deep tissue and orthopedic massage to relieve soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. In addition to this Sally is very skilled in assisting you in the relief of stress through the use of a combined approach of softer massage modalities and breath work and movement. All of her work is centered on the session and you from individual treatments or a longer term treatment plan designed to resolve specific issues.

Sally attended and completed her studies at the renowned and respected Colorado School of Healing Arts which has been training highly skilled therapist for over 25 years. In addition to her basic massage training Sally has additional certifications, training and experience in the areas of Orthopedic Massage, Sports, Prenatal, Pediatric massage and Pediatric Special Needs massage. Sally has also been certified since 2004 in the somatic bodywork area of Trauma Touch Therapy where she assists others in overcoming stored trauma issues in the body.

Sally believes that the body can use its innate wisdom to heal and maintain itself. Her overall approach is an integration of sensitive observation and listening, touch and neutral presence to hear each person's unique history and current conditions. She applies massage and bodywork therapies to open the space for a person to listen to their body, releasing and relieving pain and stress, supporting you to live the fullest life possible. With over 10 years in the profession she continues to be excited about all of the ways massage and bodywork assist each wonderful and distinct person. There are endless variations in our bodies and in the human experience and Sally enjoys working with people to explore and support the best life they choose to live. Sally's personal life passions center around spending time with family and friends, dancing for fun, health and movement, receiving her own frequent massages (Oh Yeah!) and just loving the human experience gifted to her.